Our Project Approach

No two situations are alike and no two projects will ever be exactly the same.  Our method of handling your project will be first to determine the specifics of your current situation and your objectives.  We want to know your situation, requirements, and desires because our services are designed around your particular needs.

We will then give you our advice on the effects of regulatory programs and other outside factors that have a bearing on your situation, and we will develop a program that meets your objectives by incorporating the best available technology and the lowest life cycle cost into a facility that provides for current needs, allows for anticipated near and midterm growth, and provides for economical expansion.

As an integral part of the solution to the problem we will consider all possible methods of financing your project, including Federal or State grants or loans, and will advice you or work with your fiscal agent on the most appropriate method or methods for financing your program.

Holding down cost by maintaining a tight time schedule is an important way we can serve our clients, and we make every effort to complete our work as quickly as possible and to assist and advise everyone else involved in the project so they can keep their part of the work on schedule.