Morganfield Combined Sewer Separation Project

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PROJECT: Morganfield Combined Sewer Separation Project
OWNER: City of Morganfield, KY        
COMMENTS: This project is the result of Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) requiring the City of Morganfield, KY to separate the combined storm sewer from the existing sanitary sewer. In order to comply with the KDOW’s order, US Highway 60 will have to be excavated for a storm drain, sewer main and water main, all within the highway ROW. Derrick Engineering, the cities sanitary engineer or record, hired RJA as their prequalified roadway design firm to performed all engineering as it relates to the re-design of a 4 city block area of US Highway 60 in downtown Morganfield, KY. RJA is responsible for roadway design, permits, surveying, and construction inspection.