PROJECT: Hopkins County Board of Education Career Technical High School
OWNER: Hopkins County BOE
COMMENTS: RJA designed the site grade and drainage plan for the 10 acre development area for the high school. RJA was responsible for site civil engineering, survey, storm water permitting/compliance inspection and local code compliance for site development. Included in the design was landscaping and a storm water detention lake.

cipp steam

PROJECT: Morganfield Combined Sewer Separation Project
OWNER: City of Morganfield, KY        
COMMENTS: This project is the result of Kentucky Division of Water (KDOW) requiring the City of Morganfield, KY to separate the combined storm sewer from the existing sanitary sewer. In order to comply with the KDOW’s order, US Highway 60 will have to be excavated for a storm drain, sewer main and water main, all within the highway ROW. Derrick Engineering, the cities sanitary engineer or record, hired RJA as their prequalified roadway design firm to performed all engineering as it relates to the re-design of a 4 city block area of US Highway 60 in downtown Morganfield, KY. RJA is responsible for roadway design, permits, surveying, and construction inspection.


PROJECT: Downtown Renaissance Phase I, II, & III - Cadiz, KY
OWNER: City of Cadiz, KY
COMMENTS: RJA has completed Phases I, and II of their downtown renaissance project involving the refurbishment of the sidewalks, lighting, storm sewer, and utility relocation in downtown Cadiz.  RJA was responsible for the design, preparation of plans and specifications for construction, bid review & recommendation, construction management & inspection, contract administration. RJA has cooperated with Cadiz’s businesses to coordinate streetscape construction activities with the winter seasons slower retail sales in order to minimize the disruption to the businesses, as well as avoiding construction during the Cadiz Ham Festival.

PROJECT: Henderson Flood Mitigation Board
OWNER: City of Henderson, KY
COMMENTS: Since 2007, RJA has provided the Henderson Flood Mitigation Board with civil engineering services as they relate to flood mitigation. RJA was responsible for the surveying, design (including hydrologic analysis), permits, construction management, and regulatory interface with both the Kentucky Div. of Water and the USACE. This project redesigned the Canoe Creek stream profile by widening the stream and this improved the carrying capacity of the creek resulting in the Base Flood Elevation being lowered by two (2) feet. Total length of creek clearing and widening was over 17 miles.

south main sewer

PROJECT: City of Greenville Sewer Improvement / Rehabilitation Project
COMMENTS: RJA’s responsibilities include funding assistance, design, permits, encroachments, construction management and resident inspection.
• A combination of replacing and rehabilitating approximately 3,800 feet of Cherry Street sewer line.  The Cherry Street sewer runs adjacent to a creek and has numerous inflows, is clogged with roots and causes several overflows.
• Rehabilitate about 50 manholes to eliminate inflow.  Many manholes are brick or badly damaged and leaking severely.
• Upgrade 4 existing lift stations including, Paradise Lift Station, Hospital Lift Station, Caney Creek LS and Oakland Hills LS to include new pumps, electrical, and repairing leaks.
• Construct about 5,800 feet of new 10 inch gravity line.  This construction will accept gravity flow from two existing lift stations (Muhlenberg South and the South Main LS) and allow them to be eliminated, reducing O & M costs.  It will also allow the Oakland Hills LS to flow in the new gravity line reducing the flow to Cherry Street sewer by 100 gpm reducing SSO’s.

This project was successful in reducing I & I, sewer overflow, improving wastewater treatment, and reducing O & M cost.  Total cost of the project, $2.2 Million.