Comprehensive Planning

PLANNING.  Ronald Johnson & Associates provides comprehensive planning services for public and private sector clients.  Our services are directed toward providing a basis for informed decision making.  We strive to provide comprehensive data and a thorough analysis that will allow financially sound, environmentally sensitive decisions to be made in the public interest.

Our services are fitted to the client’s needs, resources and values and we offer continuing consultation as well as services for individual projects.  Planning services that we can provide include:

  • Comprehensive plans for large scale or small scale land development
  • Comprehensive municipal plans
  • Population analysis and projection
  • Conducting special population census
  • Recreational planning for city or area wide programs as well as planning for   individual parks
  • Community facilities and services planning
  • Capital improvements planning and budgeting
  • Grant writing and grant administration
  • Consulting services for zoning ordinances and subdivision regulations